Republicans love to complain Barack Obama doesn't spend enough time with them. So now the president says he'll try to spend more time with them. The thing is, they don't actually want to spend more them with him.

The federal attorney helping lead the Justice Department's crackdown on the Portland Police Bureau's use of force against the mentally ill, Thomas Perez, is expected to wind up the president's pick for Labor secretary. And Republicans are expected to hate him.

Paul Ryan's new budget plan looks disturbingly like the cuts-heavy ledger voters rejected when he was on the presidential ticket last year. Except for one major change: It's no longer attempting to also magick up billions in tax cuts.

Right when TriMet was whacking service and hiking fares—and also talking up a pay freeze—its managers decided to dip into a giant "contingency" fund and give top-level executives something close to $1 million in salary raises.

The police shooting of a black teenager in Brooklyn brought out dozens of protesters for a vigil and then dozens of angry teens and others for a confrontation with cops some people are calling a riot.

A judge has decided New Yorkers are should be allowed to purchase sugar-chemical-water drinks in as large a cup as they'd like.

If you haven't already wept into your cereal this morning, read this story about a Chicago baby shot several times during a diaper change, along with her father, in a drive-by outside an apartment complex.

An innocent accountant mistakenly placed on Oakland's most wanted list—and forced to spend three days in jail despite never having committed a crime—is predictably looking to sue the living shit out of the city.

The state takeover of Detroit came after decades of stunningly awful financial mismanagement.

A cyber attack will wreck us.
So you better check us? Or something?

The old men in fine robes at the museum building with all the gold and secrets are gathering today under a priceless painting to begin picking their next infallible leader of their club.