Mountain Sounds is a new Portland duo—well, half Portland. The Rose City's Tim Hoyt has teamed up with Guatemala's Franc Castillejos to form the group, and they're about to release their self-titled debut album (out March 26). Former bandmates from Castillejos' time in the States, the pair sent each other demos long distance, then recorded the album in a disused orphanage in the mountains west of Guatemala City, Hoyt quitting his insurance gig here in town to spend three months down there. Mountain Sounds is a lush, stately record of mellow pop and emotionally charged ballads; listen to a couple songs on Soundcloud.

We've got the exclusive premiere of the band's new video, a stark performance of their song "Tired Birds" captured in the woods near the Guatemalan orphanage where the duo recorded. Surrounded by rustling leaves and sunlight peering through the treetops, Castillejos' voice and guitar could be almost anonymous in those woods, but instead he effectively captures individual and interior emotions; the result is a plaintive cry in the wild. More about Mountain Sounds on their site.