Last week we wrote about a bunch of stuff I can't remember anymore, and then You: The Reader wrote us back! Neat! Here's what you had to say this time:

—Jeff loooOOOOvves Anne Hathaway sooooo much that he can't stand to face the fact that she is growing increasingly unlikable, just like Ann Romano says.

—Arts Editor Alison Hallett trolled the anti-fluoride campaigners in her book review of Frankenstein's Cat. It worked.

—A boner murdering grammatician takes a fellow letter writer—and the Mercury by extension—to task for the use of the phrase "less people."

Catholics: Are we fair to them? When was the last time they were fair?

I'll give you one guess as to which letter this week's pride-of-place pull quote came from: "Let these people have their silly little school and their delusional, discriminative beliefs." Too easy! Check out all the missives right this way.

Hathaway: So very hard to like!
  • Hathaway: So very hard to like!