SPRING BREAKERS Fun for everybody! Bring the kids!
  • SPRING BREAKERS Fun for everybody! Bring the kids!

Haha, just kidding, Spring Breakers doesn't come out until next week, kids. I'm just posting that picture every chance I get. No, this week you've got an "eh, that was okay" Park Chan-wook thriller and yet another "wow, that fucking sucked" Steve Carell comedy. On the upside: A Barbara Stanwyck series at the Film Center, and a great documentary about some terrifying Israelis!

STOKER Park Chan-wook's first English-language flick doesn't even come close to his South Korean flicks like Oldboy and Lady Vengeance... but, you know, it isn't terrible, either. It's interesting, at least! You might like it?

THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE Do Steve Carell and Tina Fey have the same agent? Just some guy they met at the NBC commissary or something? Because they should be doing good movies, but they... aren't. Wonderstone also marks the first stop on the Jim Carrey Comeback Tour, which will swing through these parts again with the significantly more promising Kick Ass 2. I'd kind of love for Carrey to be doing funny stuff again, and that's not just because I'm still pissed about having to sit through The Number 23.

THE GATEKEEPERS You know what's even more fun than talking about national security? Talking about Israeli national security! But christ, hold on, you can have your fun next weekend. (See above.) This weekend see this, because it's apparently incredible. And, you know, super jarring.

BARBARA STANWYCK The NW Film Center ramps up their excellent series celebrating the underrated actress, from Double Indemnity to Forty Guns.

As ever, there's way more in Film Shorts, including reviews of the new Abbas Kiarostami, a heads up about 13 Assassins playing up at PSU, and good ol' Terminator 2 at the Laurelhurst. OH! And They Live is at the Hollywood! Do your homework first. And don't forget your bubble gum. (Order selection #80843, Digital Stereo Surround, VHS Dolby HiFi/Beta HiFi.)