An active-duty Marine last night shot and killed two of his fellow Marines before doing the same to himself. The reason, so far, has gone unreported. But it's no secret that military suicides are a problem: Last year in military deaths, the suicide toll actually trumped the combat toll.

An argumentative Frenchman who arguably looked nothing like a pilot—but had an Air France shirt and a counterfeit Air France ID—somehow wormed his way into the cockpit jump seat of a US Airways plane in Philadelphia. He was arrested.

America! Two preteens in Georgia allegedly shot a 13-month-old baby in the head after shoving away his mother, who'd been pushing the child's stroller, after she refused to give them money.

The legend who wrote "Things Fall Apart," Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, has died at age 82.

Saying sorry is difficult, but Israel is trying to make things right with Turkey after some "collateral damage" involving Turkish nationals during controversial raids on Gaza relief flotillas some three years ago.

As FCC chairman under Barack Obama, Julius Genachowski delighted the tech industry by embracing broadband and giving his all to modernizing our telecommunications networks. He is resigning.

China says to Russia: "We should totally hang out more often. We have, like, so much in common!"

China also is a Linux geek.

Now some nutty Texan wants to make it easier for his kin and countryfolk to hoard gold, just like the talk radio tells them to do, so they can all someday afford secession from the United States.

"Sex week" at the University of Tennessee had its money cut after prudish GOP lawmakers got wind of seminars on oral sex and bondage and other things they'd never allow themselves to enjoy.

Good news, awkward drunks! A bill in Salem would ban employers from asking for job candidates' Facebook passwords. Which happens. Because privacy is pretend.

Mayor Charlie Hales, in case you missed it on Blogtown last night and feel like following the bouncing ball, has stepped in and reversed course on the permit for a controversial no-parking apartment complex at 37th and Division.