Steve LOVED Spring Breakers, and I can't wait to see it this weekend, because:

SPRING BREAKERS Spring breeeeeeeaaaaak.
  • SPRING BREAKERS Spring breeeeeeeaaaaak.

Fun fact! I tried to get Steve to let us use that image for the Mercury's cover this week, but he was all, "No." WHAT THE HELL, STEVE.

IN OTHER SPRING BREAKERS NEWS... Director Harmony Korine—who you might remember from his obnoxious films Trash Humpers, Mister Lonely, and Gummo—did a Reddit AMA that, as Gawker points out, is "the best Reddit AMA ever."

Good afternoon. I just wanted to say that the film, Kids, was great and taught me a lot about the dangers of unprotected sex. Thank you!

yor welcome herpes

What is the point you are getting across in this film? What will society gain from this?

yes it will thrive because of this

Are we going to see lots of titties in the movie?

of course. thats what lifes about.

What has changed about the film/cinema industry since you got started?
Do you think America even has an audience for cinema anymore?
Do you know that your name is really fun to say?

cinema has changed. cinema is now a 30 second youtube clip. clear your mind. think of different now. make it bend to you. never use a walking stick, it looks doper to limp. catch my drift?

Is Harmony short for Harmonica?

yo mommaica

was Spring Breakers at all influenced by Tree of Life?

miami vice

Um...Harmony, you're giving barely any answers...I mean...

its hard to type to be honest. im slow typer.

Hi Harmony. Is your movie "Twinkle, Twinkle" with Marlon Wayans still in the works?

i would really like to make that film sometime. its potentially full on comedy about guy who dresses up like human dollar bill to drum up biz for a mexican check cashing place

I would watch the hell out of Twinkle, Twinkle.