Here's a sneaky peek at the plot of the upcoming Veronica Mars Kickstarter movie, courtesy of creator Rob Thomas:

And here's a sneaky peek at this coming week's I Love Television™ column in which I kind of poo-poo the Veronica Mars Kickstarter movie:

The sad fact of the matter is that the primary reason I loved teen detective Veronica Mars was because she was a teen. Sure, Veronica acted tough—but while cracking crimes were relatively easy, the treacherous/treasonous waters of high school exposed her vulnerability to a heart-breaking degree. So how can an adult Veronica Mars be more interesting than a teenage Veronica Mars? Answering that question is hopefully where your Kickstarter donation is going.

So sorry, Rob Thomas. While I will certainly pay to see Veronica Mars (the movie), I’m not paying for you to figure out how to make it not terrible.

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