Hales Backs Compromise on Cop Union Talks: "Let's Not Play Games With the Public"


Recent DoJ Findings on PPB's violation of our civil rights declare "concerns and tensions expressed by community members appear to date back many years and will require persistent continuing commitment to inclusion and transparency ..."

The subsequent, pending Agreement was negotiated behind closed doors. The Portland public does not know whether longstanding concerns were even advocated, let alone bargained away by City negotiators. Hales' post-campaign inclination to inhibit public knowledge of bargaining positions make false Adams' contention that a DoJ Investigation would be a 'learning opportunity.' In order for The People to be secure in their civil rights, their advocates must have access to negotiations.

I can be forgiven for thinking it is time to address these identified deficiencies and now abandon divisive patterns and practices.
What does the PPB have to hide that ALL the meetings can't be public.