That summertime preview over the weekend was absurdly awesome, and I am in no way complaining about how premature it felt to be crossing paths with shirtless rocker dudes while the calendar still said March. Despite knowing about the coming week's plummeting temps and return of rain, it definitely felt like a warning that we better get our summertime shit in order sooner than we might think.

Which brings us to the simultaneously sensible and silly world of hats:

Oh hello, remember me?
  • Brookes Boswell
  • Oh hello, remember me?

On the one hand, it is just as important to shield your scalp from the sun as the rest of you. On the other hand, many people don't bother for fear of looking farcical or douchey. For men especially it's a conundrum to be approached with a level of caution tantamount to that with which one must face down the issue of open-toed shoes (shudder). So what are we going to do about it this year? (If you feel you need to experiment before making your final decision, there's a relevant upcoming hat event, which you can read about over on MOD.)