The Walking Dead (and Blossom) Chitty-Chat Club!


I've spent almost the entire season trying to convince myself that Walking Dead isn't THAT bad, mostly because nothing else is on.

Now Game of Thrones is back, and Mad Men comes back next week. It's pretty cool to not be watching Walking Dead.
That was a very 'meh' episode. It was a pretty good set-up for the season finale I guess. Boy, I can't wait for the season finale.......wait......what? That was the fucking season finale!? Uh oh.
Geez. NOW you slavish WD fan-tards finally get what I've been saying about this show for two years.
Yet I'll watch next year ONLY because it'll be able to finally control for the worst character on TV ever, and that has me curious. By the way, Andrea, no matter what her predicament-strapped to a chair, beaten to a pulp, bitten by a zombie-always has the same bewildered look on her face like she doesn't understand her character's motivation crossed with an expression one typically displays when trying to hold in a fart.
Speaking of, do you think there will be some extended scene footage of Andrea trying to pick up pliers with her gross feet on the Season 2 DVD's? Hopin' for at least 10 minutes!

Game of Thrones was so infinitely better than WD I'm writing fan fic about it highlighting the many distinctions between the two shows called "CHASM OF CONTINENTS."
The season started out great but the finale was sort of a popcorn fart in comparison. Just when we thought they had the pacing issues and kinks worked out you wonder what the heck is going on. I expected more and it left me shrugging my shoulders rather than biting my nails. Until next season, if you love or loathe zombies as much as I do, be sure to check out 20 of the Greatest Zombie Movies of All Time reviewed at… with some really cool zombie artwork!