how do i know if she is faking it or not id like to think shes not but i doubt alot of the time im getting her off what can i do

My response after the jump...


Ask your girlfriend if she masturbates. If she does, ask her if she comes when she masturbates. If she does, ask her if you can watch her masturbate. Then watch her masturbate. If the orgasm she has when she masturbates looks nothing like the orgasms she has when you're trying to get her off, Punctuation Man, then she's faking it.

And remember, PM: 75% of women cannot climax through vaginal intercourse alone. If you're not using your tongue, your fingers, or some toys (or encouraging her to use fingers and toys on herself during intercourse)—if your dick is the only thing you're touching her with down there—then your girlfriend most likely isn't getting off. And she won't start getting off until you start bringing the tongue, fingers, and toys.

So bring 'em.