Guys! For those of you who bemoan the lack of celebs that come to Portland, prepare for a minor SQUEE! Filming has started in Portland for a new untitled TNT series starring Geena Davis and Scott Bakula! WAIT! And Veronica Mars' dad Enrico Colantoni?? HOLY SHIT, WE'RE AT LEVEL THREE SQUEEEEEE, PEOPLE!

Here's what we know about the plot thus far:

“Inspired by the real-life story of bounty hunter Mackenzie Green, the drama stars Davis as Mackenzie “Mack” Green, an unconventional bail bondswoman and bounty hunter whose eccentric personality and unusual tactics give her an advantage in a tough and unpredictable business.”

Oh, you bounty hunters with your unusual tactics and eccentric personalities! The O reported they shot some scenes last week in Milwaukie (just south of Sellwood) and we've had reports they are filming today in Ankeny Alley right behind our offices, so I guess you know where I'll be all day! Okay, Blogtown Cub Reporters! You know what to do... SEND US YOUR CELEB PICS AND SIGHTINGS!