Let's play the new I, Anonymous Blog game, "Spot the Mistake"! From the submission titled, "Dear 'Tex Mex' Restaurant":

Although you name yourself a "Tex Mex" restaurant, I think you are misleading people. It is upsetting that people come to your restaurant having never tasted Tex Mex, only to come out accepting your twisted version of what it is. Coming from Texas and having lived in Oregon for 6+ years, your restaurant is the direct consequence of what happens when an Oregonian decides to make "Tex Mex" having never been to Texas. What you are doing is the equivalent of wearing a Bob Marley shirt and claiming to be an expert on Africa.

If you guessed that Bob Marley is actually from Jamaica—you're only half right! The other half of the solution is that no one gives a shit about Texas or "Tex Mex" food. However! Your lack of general knowledge should not stop you from posting your rant or confession on the I, Anonymous Blog—where "knowing" is less than 1/10 of the battle.