There's been a lot of talk about the Bridgetown Comedy Festival on Blogtown recently—and oh boy, is there gonna be more in the next week or so—but if you're not quite ready to shell out for a festival pass, here's a lead on a solid show at Helium tomorrow night:

Locals Ian Karmel, Sean Jordan, Anthony Lopez, Shane Torres, Jacob Christopher, and Todd Armstrong will be performing (coff), Gabe Dinger's hosting, and if you call Helium and tell them Ian Karmel sent you, you'll score free tickets to what's otherwise a $5 show.

Here's what you do: Call Helium at 888-643-8669. Say "Hi, Ian Karmel said I could get free tickets to Thursday's show?"

Then... enjoy your free tickets to Thursday's show.

Also, take a gander at Ian's column this week, in which he spotlights a handful of great local comics who won't be at Bridgetown this year.