BASKETBALL—Playoffs, schmayoffs. The only thing that matters now is that the Blazers put the Lakers in a prone position on the court, and then repeatedly drill them in their soft unmentionables for 48 straight minutes—metaphorically, of course. Why? Because fuck LA, that's why. BR
Rose Garden, 1 Center Court, 7 pm, $49-285

MUSIC—The long and lovely Soul'd Out festival debuts tonight with an eclectic lineup that encompasses soul, reggae, funk, jazz, and beyond, clear through April 21. Pick your poison among tonight's competing openers, but if it were down to us we'd go with Ghostface Killah backed by a live band or modern funk master DâM-FunK. MS
Ghostface Killah at Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 8 pm, $30; DâM-FunK at Star Theater, 13 NW 6th, 8 pm, $15,