Cock Block (Via)
  • Cock Block (Via)

Groove SuiteCock Block: Punisher, Miss Vixen, Anna Langley, LaVonne Love, 10 pm, $7-10
Doug Fir–The Lower 48, The Dimes, Alameda, The Local Strangers, 9 pm, $9-10
Eagles Lodge–In the Cooky Jar: DJ Cooky Parker, 9 pm
East End–The Protons, Primitive Idols, 42 Ford Prefect, 9 pm
Hawthorne Theatre–Soul'd Out: Problem, Iamsu!, Dubble 00, Chef Boyz, 7 pm, $18-22, all ages
Holocene–Ancient Heat, 5 pm, free; Ecstasy: Massacooramaan, Miracles Club, DJ Beyondadoubt, DJ Spencer D, 9 pm, $5
Katie O'Brien's–Dolby Lilack, Jai Milx, Valkyrie Rodeo, Big Black Cloud, Lunar Grave, 9 pm, free
Kennedy School–Muriel Stanton, 7:45 pm, $10, all ages
Kenton Club–Rllrbll, Koonda Holaa, Mustaphamond, Komal Sa, 9 pm, free
The Know–The Babysitters, Lunch, Gay Ghost, 8 pm
Rotture–Live and Direct: Rev Shines, Slimkid3, DJ Nature, 9 pm, $5
Slabtown–Grrrl Front Fest: Rocket 3, Sugar Tits, The Vandies, Pink Slip, 8 pm, $7
Star Bar–DJ Hwy 7, 10 pm
Star Theater–Bender: Cheater Slicks, Missing Monuments, James Arthurs's Manhunt, Thee Headliners, The Wimps, The Pity Fucks, Glitz, Youthbitch, Life Stinks, Musk, 6 pm, $12-14