The US Senate today put down—in a bipartisan filibuster—a watered-down compromise on expanded background checks for gun purchases. President Barack Obama, responding to the news today, dropped his usual professorial act. In a blistering 13-minute speech, flanked by families touched by gun violence, he accused the gun lobby of "willfully" lying about the bill and nay-saying senators of bowing to cowardice amid fears that a "vocal minority of gun owners" would come after them during the next election.

He also smacked back at conservative outlets who didn't like that families who know the pain of death were lending their voices to the debate, suggesting the president was resorting to "emotional blackmail."

"Do they really think that thousands of families whose lives have been shattered by gun violence don't have the right to weigh in?"

It's powerful stuff. Watch it all. And Mr. President (because I know you read Blogtown)? More of this please.