It's morning! Welcome to your slightly late but always essential rundown of the day's top stories.

Authorities still don't know who was behind Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon, but they've learned more about the bombs. The explosives were created using pressure cookers stuffed with nails and ball bearings, investigators now say.

Monday's attack has brought out crazies in droves. An abbreviated rundown:

-The Secret Service intercepted a letter to President Obama containing a "suspicious substance." That substance? Probably the poison ricin.

-That's the same stuff sent yesterday to US Sen. Roger Wicker, a Mississippi Republican.

-Police in Salem are looking into a powder found this morning at the Oregon Department of Revenue building.

Paranoia, obviously, is also prevalent in the wake of Monday's attack. Take the case of the TriMet fare box that mucked up yesterday's evening commute.

Meanwhile, bombings continue around the world. A bomb blast in Bangalore, India this morning injured 17. Investigators believe a motorcycle at the attack site was used as an IED.

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It can't always be PSY videos and objectionable mayonnaise ads at GMN, everyone. Sometimes you've gotta carefully weigh the issues, decide where you stand. For instance: Is the lethal substance probably sent to President Obama and that Mississippi Senator good or bad? This British guy spends ten minutes discussing the matter. FEED YOUR MIND.