So Macklemore & Ryan Lewis got some success, made some money, and what did they do? They rented a pirate ship, a camel, and an Inuit and turned their best song into their worst video. Here's their brand new video for "Can't Hold Us."

Sure, "Thrift Shop" is a great comedy song for Youtube and "Same Love" is incredibly beautiful and moving, but "Can't Hold Us" features Macklemore's best rapping, Ryan Lewis's most impecible producing, and Ray Dalton's sultry pipes. It's a terrific song. I was excited for the video. But it is not my favorite. It's like Macklemore is going Kanye crazy awfully early in his career.

What happened? Where's the heart? Where's the story telling? The plot is that an American flag modified to advertise your record gets touched by a lot of different ethnicities on its way to the space needle. Why does that happen? Because the ceiling can't hold them?

My favorite part is the living room on the trailer but that's the only thing I can find to compliment.

What do you guys think?