This highlights promo from the April 6 Wheels of Justice vs. Bay Area Derby Girls bout pretty much nails why flat-track derby rocks.

Hi y'all, there's another roller derby weekend on the horizon. I'm all sideways with awesome events to attend to this weekend (I'm looking at you Bridgetown Comedy Fest and opening match of the pro women's soccer team the Portland Thorns), but it's a happy problem. Hope you got tickets to watch tomorrow's Rose City Rollers home team match-up between the Break Neck Betties and the Heartless Heathers, 'cuz that shit is sold out. There's only one more home team game before the big Season 8 championships on June 8 at the Rose Garden. Betties vs. Heathers, The Hangar at Oaks Park, Fri April 19, 8 pm

Then we get into the all-star action with Saturday and Sunday's bouts with Salt Lake City. Those roller gals from less-boozy climes are serious up-and-comers in the roller derby world. They looked fantastic at 2012 Western Region Playoffs and they have a former Rose City star on their roster (the furiously tentacled Squid Vicious), so expect some great play out of the visiting Wasatch Roller Derby team. Saturday is the face-off with Rose City's B-team, Axles of Annihilation, girding their loins (what? I'm super mature) against the Wasatch all-star travel team, the Midnight Terror. Then just for funnsies on a Sunday morning (oof, at 10 am, that Saturday-night afterparty is going to be a Sunday-morning ouchie), watch Portland's mega all-star team, Wheels of Justice, do a little roller derby dance with the same Wasatch team. Good times. Good times. Then tune back into Blogtown next week for a tidy recap—we like things tidy in these parts.
Rose City's Axles of Annihilation vs. Salt Lake City's Wasatch Roller Derby, The Hangar at Oaks Park, Sat April 20, 7 pm, $14-20, tix

Rose City's Wheels of Justice vs. Wasatch, The Hangar, Sun April 21, 10 am (GET THERE EARLY—there's another big event at Oaks Park that morning), 10 am, $5, tix