Stocks this week trended higher, with commo—JUST KIDDING! BOSTON.

Following the most-intense manhunt in recent memory, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second suspect in the bombing at Monday's Boston Marathon, was located huddled inside a boat in a Watertown, Mass., last night. After a brief gun battle and prolonged standoff, authorities took the grievously wounded Tsarnaev into custody, sending an embattled Boston into an uproar. Now, they're looking for motive. The coverage today is massive and wide-ranging. A few interesting bits:

-Tsarnaev was not immediately Mirandized upon arrest, an increasingly common tack with terror suspects and one that's drawing a lot of scrutiny.

-Officials at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth say Tsarnaev spent Wednesday on campus, visiting the gym and sleeping in his dorm.

-His brother, killed in a shootout with police early Friday, recently spent six months in Russia, a trip that will receive intense scrutiny.

-Probably unrelated but still bizarre: Woman sits down in the posh lobby of a Lower Manhattan hotel, discovers a pistol.

In other disastrous events, a powerful earthquake in western China has killed at least 156 people and injured thousands more.

While everyone's looking at Boston, a decimated West, Texas, grapples with its own tragedy.

By the way: Today is April 20. You guys going to the 'Couv?

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