Mercury freelancer Vince Mancini is a man of many dubious talents: Not only does he throw himself in front of cinematic bullets so they won't hit me (or you, I guess), but he's also the editor of my favorite movie blog, FilmDrunk, and he does standup and podcasting. In other words, he's a lot less lazy than you are, which leads me to his current endeavor: Attending the Gathering of the Juggalos, where he and his dumb buddies are planning on "renting an RV and staying several nights in the heart of Juggalo Nation," all in the interest of preserving the Gathering with a "video documentary and audio podcast." This idea is terrifying and beautiful.

Here's the Kickstarter, should you be inclined to assist Vince and his aforementioned dumb buddies. I chipped in five bucks, because they all seem pretty open about the possibility that Vince might get stabbed at the Gathering, and I'd pay five bucks to see that.