Lydia Reissmuller, Juicer, COO
  • Lydia Reissmuller, Juicer, COO

Former Central (PDX) and PDT (NYC) bartender Lydia Reissmuller has joined the Kickstarter bandwagon—her venture, Well Co. Juice, is hoping to supply Portlanders with fresh, cold-pressed juice via a system of conveniently-located "filling stations" and refillable dairy-style bottles. I watched the video—cold-pressed juice is apparently different from typical juice in that the enzymes don't get all thrashed up, so you had better get a bunch of these and gruzzle them right down the minute they open. But first, watch their video and consider whether or not this project is worth your support.

Lydia's recipes show a sophisticated palate at work, treating flavors as critically as the nutrients that create them. She gave us a few of their initial blends, which include: "Move Like A Butterfly" (Rhubarb, Strawberry, Apple, Sorrel), "Under the Orchard" (Pear, Burdock, Ginger, Rosemary), and "Lean n Green" (Kale, Celery, Watercress, Parsley, Green Apple, Meyer Lemon, Mint).

As far as potential pricing, she writes, "The juice will be sold initially through a simple website for delivery twice a week, in 16oz glass bottles from Stanpac, the same that dairies use, and effectively keep the juice cold. 5 types of juice and 2 seedmilks will be sold in bundles of 4 ($45) 8 ($55) or 12 ($80). The site will give info on each juice, including a recommended order to drink them if you're doing a cleanse."

Her goal is to establish bottle filling stations in each of the city's quadrants within the first year.