Thanks, Obama.

No, seriously: Thanks, Obama. And thank you, White House.

Because today, I taste the sweet nectar of vindication. Not that I was particularly thirsty for it, but when someone hands you a shot from the gods, you pound that sonofabitch, and you wipe your mouth with your sleeve, and you let out a satisfying "ahhh" as punctuation.

My shot of vindictation was poured into a tumblr. The White House tumblr, specfically.

See, one of my more well-read posts here at the Mercury was this post, the one that answered one of life's most important questions. Even after the torrential deluge of incontrovertible evidence spilled forth in my genius blogtown entry, some still saw fit to come at me in the comments, and that's okay, because wrong people need a place to fart in public.

But I humbly invite all you simpletons and troglodytes to bear witness to the first missive from our White House via their brand-new tumblr:


You see that? Right there, under the PRESIDENT'S NAME?

You see where it says GIF is pronounced with a hard G?



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