No one likes Ricin-tainted correspondence—least of all Blogtown, so cut it out!—but the unfolding story of allegedly poison-laced letters to President Obama, a Mississippi senator and a judge is sort of delightful. After dropping charges against an Elvis impersonator on Tuesday, authorities this morning arrested a Tupelo martial arts instructor, who the Elvis impersonator described as a "longtime personal rival."

Investigators in New York are puzzling over how a portion of a landing gear, apparently from one of the two jets used in the September 11 attacks, got wedged improbably between two buildings near ground zero. Cops aren't ruling out that the part might have been intentionally hidden there. It's weird.

Let's all blink back tears of frustration and give Wilcox County, Georgia, our most-sarcastic slow clap for holding its first racially integrated prom. In April of 2013. The weekend after it held its traditional "white prom." And a facetious hat tip to the New York Times, as well, for writing this story in a tone that almost makes the whole thing seem like a legitimate issue up for debate and not chilling, racist bullshit. Am I out of touch with the country? How is this still a thing?

Federal authorities have heard no end of criticism for their decision to suspend reading Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzohkhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights before interviewing him. He was first formally told of his rights by a judge Monday, in a rare hospital room court hearing, roughly 16 hours after his arrest. At least one congressman is saying that was way too soon. Authorities are deciding whether to pursue the death penalty in the case.

An American citizen arrested by North Korean authorities in November for murky reasons—it's said he might have taken pictures of poor kids, no one's really sure—will be put to trial and face a possible death penalty. Makes total sense, North Korea.

Apparently we're to the point where the US economy takes a hit when we kill less people abroad?

You guys get a couple flawless days, and it's like you don't even respect the Weather Widget anymore. You will pay dearly for your transgressions on Monday, but in the mean time have an amazing weekend.


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