I know, I know, I rambled a bunch about Shane Black yesterday, but look! Today there's more interesting Shane Black stuff on the internet!

FIRST! Vulture looks at why Black "was once Hollywood's hottest screenwriter"—because his scripts were amazing to read. Like this part from Lethal Weapon:


The whole piece is great.

SECOND! The Iron Man 3 we see in America isn't the Iron Man 3 they're seeing in China—where a four-minute-long subplot was added to make the film more appealing to Chinese investors and audiences. The L.A. Times has the behind-the-scenes details on the decision; the Hollywood Reporter has a piece on the less-than-great reaction the added scenes are getting in China.

THIRD! I do not actually have a third thing, but now I went and typed "THIRD!" like an idiot. Uh... shit. Too late to change it now. Um... oh! The third thing I was going to mention is... ah... dinosaurs. Sure. Dinosaurs! Everybody likes dinosaurs. See you guys later!