Fox has NINE brand new shows (some promising, others TERRIBLE) coming up this fall, including an Andy Samberg cop show. Would you like a sneaky peek at them? Oh my shit, why not?

The Voice admits on-air that their voting system is fucked. Since that's out of the way, we now return to piercing your eardrums with a rusty screwdriver.

In other "things that sound like screeching cats" news: According to The Wrap, American Idol is dumping ALL FOUR of their judges (including producer Nigel Lythgoe) in a move to revive a show that should have been smothered with a pillow years ago.

CNN? You've done it again! In yet another humiliating fiasco, Nancy Grace was caught doing a "fake split-screen" interview with another reporter who was standing a few feet away in the same parking lot. HAHAHAHAAAAA!!

Netflix is not allowing critics to see Arrested Development before the rest of the world. HEY! Don't they know that we're special snowflakes?!?

A 17-year-old hacker wins a coding contest after devising a way to stop Twitter-users from spoiling TV show endings and surprises. (I won second place with my entry, "Why not turn your stupid Twitter off?")

Here's a great interview with The Americans' exec producer Joe Weisberg who walks us through how he made choices for the entire season of THIS AWESOME SHOW THAT YOU BETTER START WATCHING 'CUZ IT AM AWESOME!!!

And finally, here's a supercut of Commander Riker sitting down like a crazy person. WTF?? Stop sitting down that way, Riker!! (Is this the way they sit in the future?)