Prosecutors hope to execute the Cleveland bus driver charged with holding three women captive in his house for 10 years, because of the forced miscarriages he allegedly dealt out—punching and other violence—in violation of Ohio's aggravated murder statutes.

Wall Street analysts enjoy prompt and frequent access to members of Congress and their staffers. You can see how that might be abused, or at least look really bad.

In a miracle, a woman sustained herself with bottled water and dried foods while trapped for 17 days in the rubble of a collapsed Bangladesh clothing sweatshop. The death toll at the unregulated complex, source of Americans' cheap clothing, has climbed well past 1,000.

Emails about Benghazi were edited, by the CIA, at the direction of the White House, to keep the CIA from unduly blaming the State Department? Because everyone's a critic? Boring.

Benghazi hysteria isn't about Barack Obama. Increasingly, it's about 2016. And Hillary Clinton.

Now the tyrannists in Washington want the blueprints for your 3D-printed gun.

Hackers plying their trade in a previously untrod venue—ATM theft—made off with $45 million after ingeniously stripping away withdrawal limits that normally prevent someone from dancing from ATM to ATM, pulling out wads of cash at each stop.

Shed an oily tear for the Angus Third Pounder, Chicken Selects, and Fruit & Walnut Salad. BUTHOLYSHITBACONONAQUARTERPOUNDER? Fuck. Yes.

Americans trust actors more than politicians, according to this pointless and demoralizing survey. But of those politicians? Americans trust Jimmy Carter the most.

Imelda Marcos—remember the 1980s?—isn't dead yet.

Liberal Israeli women, for the first time since winning a court fight, prayed at the Western Wall while cops held back thousands of ultra-Orthodox men shaking with rage and impotence that their hegemony over the holy site has ended.

The new World Trade Center has topped out at its full and fully cheesy height of 1,776 feet. Way to rub it in Osama's dead face, America!