They already had dibs on the sweetest lil' parade in town, the cutest bookstore, the homiest theater, AND a fun old-fashioned camera shop: what could make St. Johns quainter? How 'bout the most delightful piece of public art in town. Last Saturday St. Johns unveiled a new mural by Portland-based illustrator Carson Ellis.

James John on a serpent, funky fish, and the citys coolest bridge: this mural has everything.
  • James John on a serpent, funky fish, and the city's coolest bridge: this mural has everything.

Even if you don’t recognize the name, you probably still recognize her work. Ellis's art has been featured in boatloads of publications, from the lesser-known to the better-known, INCLUDING the cover of this publication. In addition, Ellis is married to and a frequent collaborater with Colin Meloy of the Decemberists, often doing their album art.

Located on the side of the Grocery Outlet at 7741 N. Lombard, the mural was painted by Whitney Anderson and designed by Ellis. It's one amongst several pieces of public art that the Regional Arts and Culture Council has been busy with. It’s part one of the mural; the other part will be done via community participation this summer.

At 50 feet by 10 feet, there's lots of room for Ellis's signature whimsy: mythic creatures, sprightly mushrooms, old-timey technology, AND, wait for it…a hidden R2-D2!! It’s wonderful. Check out more pics, after the jump.



Look who it is!
  • Look who it is!