Buckle up your party pants, it's time for another weekend of roller derby. Tomorrow's sold-out game pits the all-star Wheels of Justice from Portland's Rose City Rollers league against AUSTRALIA! Well, Melbourne's Victorian Roller Derby to be a bit more specific. I have so many questions about this game—like will the Aussies be going on about barbies and Crocodile Dundee? What are their thoughts on vegemite sandwiches? Do they know Hugh Jackman? And most importantly, will they beat our gals in purple?! The Wheels of Justice are smarting after an unexpected upset to LA's Angel City last month. That was a right-good bummer. But I have to imagine they'll be really hungry for a win after that defeat. So welcome the down-under crew and watch the live stream if you didn't get your tickets! Portland vs. Melbourne, Fri May 17, The Hangar at Oaks Park, 7 pm, watch the live stream here

Saturday it's the High Rollers vs. the rock 'n' rolling Guns N Rollers in a home-team-honey showdown. This is the last bout before Championships at the Rose Garden (!) on June 8. Both teams are undefeated this season, but they've yet to go head-to-head until tonight. One thing is certain, they'll be duking it out for a second time at Championships come June, because it looks like they're the two teams on the top of the roller-derby pile. Who will be queens of the mountain? It's been a mere three years since the High Rollers held the championship trophy, and GNR has NEVER had their horn-throwing hands on it. Guess who wants that coveted trophy real bad?! Yeps, it should be fun. Guns N Rollers vs. High Rollers, Sat May 18, The Hangar at Oaks Park, 7 pm, $14-20, tix