I really liked the new Portland-set movie City Baby, which premieres for one screening at Cinema 21 tomorrow night. Here's a trailer that makes it look way worse than it is:

A lot of people will probably hate this film—they won't be able to look past the fact that it's about "hipsters," or they'll miss the part where you're not supposed to like the main character—but I thought it functioned as a great critique of Portland's PYTs, and I reaaaally want people to see it so we can talk about the ending, which I found brilliantly bitter but could also probably be interpreted as "happy." Sure, City Baby is yet another movie in which 20-something white people figure out how to be adults (see also: Noah Baumbach's fantastic new Frances Ha, which opens at Cinema 21 on Friday), but it's also smart and well-produced, the performances are solid, some of my favorite Portland bands are on the soundtrack (Lovers!), and it makes fun of smarmy dudes who work in advertising, which I am totally on board with. (Bonus for anyone familiar with Portland's sketch and improv comedy scenes: Appearances by Andrew Harris, Shelley McClendon, and John Breen, all veterans of 3rd Floor, the Liberators, Road House: The Play, etc. McClendon and Breen play actors in a terrible local play, which the theater critic in me enjoyed so very much.) If you need even more of my thoughts on the film, a full review is here.

Buy tickets here; come back and tell me what you thought.