Videogames need more commentary like Anita Sarkeesian's. Her ongoing (and insanely controversial successful) series Damsels in Distress posted its second installment yesterday; just as the first one was, it's well worth your time, whether you play videogames or just live in a society where all other media—TV, books, comics, and especially film—are increasingly influenced by videogames. Which is this society. The one we live in. Just so we're clear.

Anyone who's halfway paying attention will have already noticed much of what Sarkeesian is pointing out in these videos—but a lot of what she's saying either doesn't get noticed or doesn't get pointed out. (At least by me. A 33-year-old dude. Just so we're clear.) There are any number of reasons for this, all of them depressing. On the upside, if both gamers and developers start to think and talk more about the issues that Sarkeesian is thinking and talking about, maybe the way women characters are treated in videogames (and TV, and books, and comics, and film, and...) will start to change.