STORIES WE TELL Her next subject: YOU! (Quick, be more interesting.)
  • STORIES WE TELL Her next subject: YOU! (Quick, be more interesting.)

A few of this week's new releases screened past the Mercury's deadline, which means we've got web-only reviews for them this week. Screw you, print readers!

AFTER EARTH M. Night Shyamalan teams up with the Fresh Prince and the Fresh Princelet for a post-apocalyptic coming-of-age story set many willeniums in the future. I might have been watching some music videos while I wrote this review.

NOW YOU SEE ME Magic! Heists! Magic heists! It's not very good.

STORIES WE TELL Sarah Polley's documentary is amazing! AMAZING!

SIGHTSEERS I love this movie so goddamn much and I gave it the biggest spot in the section this week so that everyone would go see it and then? And THEN, right before we went to press, I got an email that was all "Whoops, jk, we just decided to release it next week instead!" We still ran the review, because you can watch it on demand, so just do that. Or wait a week and see it at the Living Room. I don't care. Just see it.

PIETA A fucked-up movie from South Korea? Whaa? How shocking!

As ever, there's more in Film Shorts—including reviews of Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, Kon-Tiki, and Graceland—and here are your Film Times.