GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Listen we don't pay admission, and bouncers don't check us, and we walk around the metal detectors. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

The immigration battle heats up in the Senate, giving the Republicans a Sophie's Choice of losing Hispanic voters or giving the finger to President Obama (their preferred method).

NSA contractor Edward Snowden admits to leaking info about U.S. surveillance programs, and is currently taking refuge in China who will not extradite him... for the moment.

And while some are calling Edward Snowden a hero—others... ehhhhh... aren't being so charitable.

As Dirk mentioned on Saturday, a gunman in Santa Monica attacked two families and a college library, killing five. Because we have to protect our second amendment rights!

A four-year-old shoots his father in the chest with a loaded gun found at a friend's house. Because you can't tell me to lock up my gun!

The Taliban reportedly beheads two children (ten, and 16)—the younger because he was taking food waste from a garbage can. Because we have to equally respect the religions of all people!

Jury selection has begun in the George Zimmerman trial—which could take awhile, for obvious reasons.

A woman pelts Simon Cowell with eggs on a live episode of Britain's Got Talent, while contestants sing "The Impossible Dream." That's good TV.

Actor John Malkovich saves a man in Toronto from nearly bleeding to death. JOHN MALKOVICH: STILL RELEVANT!

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Clouds here and there with a high of 70 today, with a cooling trend and some showers through Thursday.

And finally, I think we all can agree that theater sucks—except on that rare occasion when it doesn't, and that it almost always includes Neil Patrick Harris (and this time Mike Tyson). Here's his jaw-dropping intro to the Tony Awards.