My Least Favorite Piece of Misogyny This Week: Comic Book Edition


"The idea that giving women equal representation in any genre is somehow reverse sexism is stupid."

But how is a team of all women "equal" representation? I'm trying to think of teams composed of all men...I'm sure there are lots of comic teams I don't know about, but no big ones spring to mind. Enlighten me?
So, those who disagree with your views on gender equality simply aren't getting laid? That's weak. And childish. And hardly productive. You're dealing with kind of a weighty topic here (and doing so of your own accord, I might add, I don't recall any of us asking you about this...). If you want to sit at the grown-ups' table, would you mind trying to do a little better than just taking digs at the sexual fortunes of those who would be in disagreement with you?