MAN OF STEEL The source of all of General Zods furious rage: his dumb little goatee
  • MAN OF STEEL The source of General Zod's furious rage: his dumb little goatee

MAN OF STEEL Here's something surprising, considering what a non-fan I am of most Zack Snyder movies: I really dug Man of Steel! Like, way more than most critics, it's looking like? WEIRD.

BEFORE MIDNIGHT Here's something the opposite of surprising: Alison liked Richard Linklater's second remake of Before Sunrise!

THIS IS THE END Steve hates Michael Cera! Michael Cera gets slapped in this movie! STEVE LOVES THIS MOVIE!

THE HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK Ned says it's okay.

PORTLAND JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL Marjorie: NOT JEWISH! She sure does like movies about Jewish people, though.

There's more, as ever, in Film Shorts, including Ben Coleman's take on The Guillotines, Alex Ross' review of The Wall, and Courtney Ferguson trying to figure out The East.

Next week, we'll have a very exciting piece about Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing, plus reviews of The Bling Ring and World War Z. Until then, here are your Movie Times.