Pour out some honey for the 25,000 or so pesticide-poisoned bees that fell dead out of some flowering linden trees at a Target in Wilsonville. And then pick up your pollen paintbrushes, because I think we've just figured out how to solve the jobs crisis.

Waiting for the Supremes to decide on same-sex marriage? That ruling will now come down next week, alongside two others equally contentious: on affirmative action in Texas and on the federal Voting Rights Act.

Immigration reform in the Senate got a lift after moderate Republicans won a deal to double the number of security agents patrolling the Mexican border—adding billions to the proposal but maybe also a handful of new GOP votes in a bid to make the whole thing seem overwhelmingly bipartisan and, thus, force the even more conservative House to take it up.

Leaving Afghanistan next year means scrapping $7 billion in military equipment, some of it never used, that military officials say will be too expensive or cumbersome to ship back home.

Peace talks with the Taliban have been suspended after Afghan leader Hamid Karzai (who's been president forever) got upset.

The Taliban, meanwhile, wants to help with our Guantanamo problem by exchanging one captive soldier, held since 2009, for five senior leaders.

Is it gross that scientists now think industrial livestock should feed off maggots and beetles and fly eggs? Or that insect shit should would make for a great fertilizer? A little bit. But only in your head.

A bullshit "gay cure" Christian ministry is shutting down its work and apologizing for the torture and abuse it's wrought, or as Exodus International puts it, "undue suffering and judgment."

Major protests in Brazil—hundreds of thousands of people in nearly a dozen cities—have been convincing enough that officials won't hike transit fares as high as planned. But high fares are just one grievance on a list that includes police brutality, corruption, and millions wasted on the World Cup. So...

That SARS-like virus spreading from Saudi Arabia to the Middle East and Western Europe is killing 59 percent of everyone who gets it worldwide.

Steve Duin is right.

It's funny that New York City started its composting pilot program in Staten Island. Because it's such a progressive place where no one will complaint about the smell.