You never really know for sure how and what people are going to react to in this business, and so it came to be that:

—One Jeffrey Winters took great offense at Ned Lannamann's unfavorable review of the latest Vince Vaughn/Own Wilson teamup, The Internship, saying that he "wasted a large paragraph on you, and you're just not that interesting." :( Commenter melogna then wonders if this could be the same Jeffrey who once wrote that "Wedding Crashers is a total departure from the many summer films that don’t even attempt to be funny. Funny is good and we need more of it." Hmmmm.

—FLUORIDE JOKES! It's too soon to be funny, I think, but nice try, willman13. As for some real issues....

—Some people are turning on Ian Karmel! He's "a privileged white guy who lives in a bubble and doesn't at all represent Portland," according to the brave words of one "anoNYMous Raven."

—How's your physique, bike riders of Portland? Are you suffering from "buff legs and a wet noodle upper body?" You'd better check.

—An anonymous woman in the over-60 bracket wants to know where the eff all the single men are in her age group. Uh... Jubitz? The Overlook? The Mouse Trap? The Multnomah Athletic Club? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... help us out, here.

  • Matty Newton