Here's a little bit of levity on a terrible couple of days for Portland journalism, what with Twitter and Facebook and news reports disgorging the names of fired (and venerable and talented) Oregonian newsroom staffers. The daily's bosses have apparently decided to backtrack on the cringe-worthy name of their planned PDF paper, "MyDigitalO."

As one of our commenters SO DELICATELY phrased it yesterday:


Publisher N. Christian Anderson III, answering some pleasantly tough questions about the gutting of his newsroom on Think Out Loud this afternoon (check it out here), awkwardly chuckled when host Dave Miller inquired about the origins of MyDigitalO. Then he claimed they'd planned all along to change it. Right.

It's unclear if the paper will still own the URL. But if so? they should totally sell it! To a fetishist! Who will pay the paper at least enough to save someone's job. Right?