GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Rollin, gold two seater. Stash in the dash, hole through heaters. Blockahhhhh put holes through beaters. Ghetto Fab stroll through Cheetahs. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

As Dominic mentioned earlier, let the bells ring and confetti fall—the Supremes pass down two major rulings in favor of gay marriage, striking down DOMA and by declining to rule on Prop. 8, effectively allowing same sex marriage in California! YES!!!

Naturally opponents will try to enact a federal ban of same sex marriage—but. They've lost and they know it.

Oh, and with DOMA dead? All those same-sex marriages in Washington state can now enjoy full equal benefits. Yay our team!

Another victory for our team (though perhaps temporary), Texas' vote to place some of the toughest restrictions on abortions is aborted after they failed to follow correct legislative procedures.

But don't cry, Texas! At least you have executing your 500th prisoner to look forward to! YEE-HAW!!

While the Russians refuse to extradite NSA leaker Edward Snowden, the U.S.—fearing worsening relations—says, "Oh, okay. That's cool. (Even though it's totally NOT cool!)"

And while the Senate is close to passing an immigration bill, the Congress would much rather do what they always do, which is to say nothing.

And whoa—activists say that over 100,000 people have lost their lives so far in the Syrian war.

Some football player was arrested on suspicion of murder. Read it for yourself, I don't have time for football gossip.

Answering charges of racism, TV chef Paula Deen gives an emotional interview, crying tears of pure gravy.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: More (blegh) showers today—but take a look at this, and get ready for the hottest, sunniest weather of the summer coming within the week!

And finally, Jeff Zarrillo and Paul Katami were two of the plaintiffs in the Prop 8 case which was dismissed this morning—let's hear what they have to say, and SPOILER ALERT! Grab the Puffs lubricated tissues. You'll need 'em!