Worst Morning Ever: The Christian Home-Schooling Conference


Hey Courtney!

I wanted to thank you for taking "one for the team!" I voted for you to attend the Christian Home-Schooling Conference because I was sincerely curious as to what actually goes on at those things. Just as I often have the almost irresistable urge to take a big sniff of my shoe after stepping in a steamy pile of dog shit--I know it's gonna stink but I can't help myself. This way I get my curosity satiated without the odor! Win-Win! Anyways, 60 bucks is a lot cash and goes a long way in indulging my vices--mainly beer and strippers so again, Thanks! So now that I know the main gist of these things I'll be sure to avoid 'em. I think putting various reporting assignments up to the vote of your readership is a great idea and I look forward to casting my ballot on exciting events to be covered in the future. And, for what's it's worth, I'm convinced your reporting wouldn't have been as nearly as entertaining had you been sent to witness "the Weasel."
I'm actually (mostly) working at work today, so someone else is going to have to photoshop a Heroes of History book cover of Courtney.

Suggested subtitles:
- "Rubbed Out Dinosaurs"
- "Succinct Description, Perhaps Overly So"
- "A Lady Who Went to a Place"
- "Creepy Fetus Baby Home Schooling Dreams"
Sorry I didn't have time to get that nice big font they use, but here you go:

OMG cat & beard! That made my day! The place I went to looks super painful.
* applauds c&b, wipes away tear *
Great story - and spot-on commentary! Laughed my head off!