In this week's issue, music editor Ned Lannamannamann and some person named Mark Lore (?) argued over which was the SECOND best Fleetwood Mac album, as if anyone in the world could ever give even a single shit. (The results of your votes are here.) HOWEVER! If these two nerds were able to pull their heads out of their belly buttons for a second, they'd realize that the more important question is WHO IS THE BETTER MAC?

As we noted in this week's "New Column!" Fleetwood Mac has been sitting on their "Best of all Macs" laurels for a mighty long time—but now we're gonna challenge that notion with a poll in which YOU decide if Fleetwood Mac's Mac is "all that" or "totally whack!" In the poll below you will vote on who you think is a better Mac than Fleetwood Mac—and Monday, we'll take the top three vote getters of today's poll and put them head to head with Fleetwood Mac to decide who indeed is the BEST MAC. (Note: No "Mc"s as in McDonalds are allowed.) (Note 2:This shit is important, people.)