Portland has a GREAT comedian, improv and sketch comedy community—and well, well, well, what have we here? NBC is going on a countrywide search for just these kinds of talented people to cast in a new show, and/or populate their other shows. From the Hollywood Reporter:

While it's still early in the development process, the network is slated to begin a multicity search for both new and veteran writer-performers on the stand-up, improv and sketch comedy circuits with the hopes of creating one flagship series.

The concept, sources say, would be to build a franchise similar to what Saturday Night Live has become for the network, helping to propel its cast to star in new programming for the network.

Why are they doing this? BECAUSE.

The untitled effort comes as NBC is looking to experiment with alternative forms of comedy outside of the sitcom. The network in recent years has struggled with scripted comedy, most recently failing to return a freshman half-hour series for a second year.

WOO! NBC'S loss could be Portland funny people's gain! (And perhaps would be a good reason for one Mr. Ian Karmel to hang around Portland a little longer? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm??)