Earlier this year, Pfriem Family Brewers released one of my favorite beers of recent patio-drinking history: their Mosaic single-hop pale ale is one of the most drinkable beers I've ever had the pleasure to sip. Floral and fruity, it smells like a glass of unwashed peaches, and the flavors are of subtly stacked fruit and green leaves. That subtlety is due in large part to the steady hand of Josh Pfriem.

In making a fairly low-ABV, middling-IBU pale ale, Pfriem resisted the urge that many other brewers did not. There have been countless Mosaic IPAs and a handful of IIPAs in the last year, and many (maybe most) suffered from a dirty, funky underpinning that trampled over the soft peachfuzz aroma that are Mosaic hops' strongest trait.

It appears Josh Pfriem has a knack: Over at Interurban on Mississippi, Pfriem is launching a new single-hop pale ale, this one with Topaz hops. Where the Mosaic was fruity and juicy, the Topaz is lighter, zippier, and drier. The nose is amost all spice and herb, black pepper and fresh green leaves, but with some light berry or chokecherry fruitiness.

This is sessionable beer - comfort beer, but not like something you need to drown your sorrows in when you realize you just spent an hour falling in love with a friend of a friend of a friend you've never met through Facebook pictures. It's more like a blanket that your aunt just casually tosses to you because you're the slightest bit cold and then it turns out to be the best blanket ever and she gives it to you to keep.

It's exactly like that. It'll be on all week at Interurban, so go sit on their patio and drink it.