It's lonely at the top. Especially when a large cross-section of your people hate you and the military is threatening to take you out. Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has lost his sixth cabinet member since protests against his government began. And that really only hints at the leader's dire situation.

Looks like Edward Snowden won't find meaningful sanctuary in Russia. Or Brazil, India, Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Spain or Switzerland. Maybe Venezuela?

Investigators are still piecing together how 19 elite Arizona firefighters perished in a wildfire Sunday, a tragedy that's spurred an outpouring of condolences from around the country.

Visit your parents once in a while, CHINA!

Oh, look. Drone strikes cause more "civilian casualties and local outrage" than manned attacks, according to a new piece in a military journal. That runs counter to President Obama's claims about drone efficiency.

Reckless skydivers and their adrenaline-snorting, fun-time ways cause good, honest travelers a moment of terror.

A Texas teacher is retiring after 40 years, EVERY ONE OF WHICH he wore the same yearbook outfit. Brava! The slide show is amazing.

I'm not much for Thin Mints, but I do enjoy the tales of cookie-money malfeasance that can crop up.

It will never not be hot again, says the Weather Widget.


Man. Summer vacation is hilarious.