WILD ONES Im seein triple here!
Another week, another Mercury music section that will be here waiting after you go read the amazing New York Times piece on former Nirvana/Soundgarden member Jason Everman, who was booted from both bands and went on to become a war hero. (...) Okay, you're back? Good.

Wild Ones' first album is the inaugural release on new label Party Damage Records. Recording the album was a lot of work for the Portland, but that struggle turned out to be just the beginning.

LISTEN: Wild Ones - "Curse Over Me"

Lord Dying's first album is coming out as well, and it's a ferocious firebrand stomper—in other words, what you'd expect from one of Portland's best metal bands.

LISTEN: Lord Dying - "Dreams of Mercy"

It took a couple tries, but Diarrhea Planet eventually made their grandmothers proud. (I bet they'll be even prouder once they change that name.)

LISTEN: Diarrhea Planet - "Kids"

Debate Club returns! This week we discuss the everyman appeal of Huey Lewis and the News, who at one point in history were a very, very, very, very popular band. Amazing!

LISTEN: Huey Lewis and the News - "Walkin' on a Thin Line"

Plus the usual decoration of Up & Coming shows.