Egypt's military—after ousting the country's elected Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi, and picking a fight with the Muslim Brotherhood—has begun shooting at some of the demonstrators who don't care for the sudden change of government. At least one person is dead; live blogging is here.

Did Egypt's Islamists, under Morsi, reach too far too quickly when moving to implement their agenda after decades of repression by former dictator Hosni Mubarak and his security forces? Will Morsi's ouster persuade Islamists in other countries that so-called democracy won't treat them any better? LESSONS ABOUND.

A coup by any other name... is probably how the United States will justify continuing to give Egypt $1.5 billion in aid, all because we've grown to like having a friendly face on Israel's left-hand side.

Leaker Edward Snowden is staying at the Moscow airport right? So how come no one has ever seen him there? Where has he gone?

Sexual torture, endorsed by the regime of dead strongman Moammar Qaddafi, has persuaded Libya to work on making rape a war crime.

Ignoring sex abuse for 27 years isn't keeping dead pope Karol Wojtyla (AKA John Paul II) from sainthood. Also, I thought canonizing a dead person meant shooting their charred, powdered bones into the air via powerful incendiary explosion.

Government budget cuts are still hurting our economic recovery: the real takeaway from the latest jobs report showing 195,000 new positions added in June.

Trayvon Martin's mother says she's pretty goddamned sure it was her son, and not the man who shot him, screaming for help during a 911 call recorded before he died.

Missouri's supply of lethal-injection drugs is running out. Which means it's apparently time to bring back the gas chamber. And analog TV. And coal power. And rail travel. And communists. And high-waisted pants.

A wooden platform gave way right at the start of a fireworks show near Los Angeles, sending sparks and fire shooting along the ground instead of skyward and injuring 28 people.