Oh, it was a hot one this week alright, and the Letters to the Editor were no exception! Speaking of exceptions, let's see what our readers took exception to this week:

—The band Drunk Dad had a show that we plugged in My, What A Busy Week!. So what's their problem? Well, there was a small oversight, and we sort of ran a photo of a different band, AntikYtherA, instead. We fucked up, and we will cop to that. (Although, to be fair, by the rules of cross-pollination we came pretty close, since Drunk Dad's bass player "totally boned" AntikYtherA's old drummer's girlfriend. The world feels very small.

—We can jigger with the results of various racial impact statements all we want, but when it comes to the disparities in the racial makeup of Oregon's prisoners, reader Jim points out that we really need to focus on the root cause of the problem. Doy.

—It seems that someone thinks our Art Director and Photographer might be better at composing photographs than grilling food:

I don't get it. I would totally eat that. Oh, except ew, I don't eat chicken.

—While she may find some of the authors' methods a little extreme, Dawn gives a partial thumbs up to our Street Harassment article, saying we're "on the right path and mean well." Hey, we'll take it.

—Magnus has deep feelings about the jousting between City Hall and Mayor Charlie Hales over Last Thursday. Can you feel anything?

—David has the best advice so far for the over-60 woman who asked us for advice on where to meet men in the same age group. His suggestions? Strip clubs! Specifically, the strip club he's hanging out at. Right now.