Erik Henriksen's Worst. Night. Ever.


If Willard Hewitt can be taught how to dance...
The first one would allow him to show off his Tevas to a crowd that would appreciate them, and the dancing thing sounds perfect for a classic Henriksen "sit'n'observe." LDS MIXER IT IS.
Does he HAVE to dance at the dance festival? This is very important to my decision-making.
I vote for something that sounds mildly uncomfortable but then he goes and actually has a decent time and his writeup is boring as all hell with no interesting stories. That one.
LDS Mixer (LSD Mixer?). Where else is he going to meet his next five wives?
I was dragged to Bushwackers recently to see some country dancing, and surprise: it was a great time. As opposed to a crowd of self-conscious hipsters standing around the Doug Fir basement, this scene was full of positive, fun energy. There must have been 200 people. By the end I wanted to learn how to to two-step.

The only weird part was when the dj played the national anthem.
Poor guy. I grew up in Sandy, Oregon, and had lots of exposure to LSD culture.
send him to camp cascadia. he needs the life experience.
What part of Portland *won't* be passing around a joint? I can't even walk down the fucking street without getting a contact high.
There is no federal mandate to cover open reservoirs from a protected watershed. Proof of this fact is that New York City and Rochester, NY, are on track to getting a permanent waiver from the rule by 2016.

But here in Portland, politicians have never even asked EPA for a waiver!

Now they think they can trick us with excuses and scare tactics to keep funneling hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money to developers and fast-track this unnecessary project.

Attention reporters: Mayor Hales of HDR Engineering is *being disingenuous*. Follow the money: Where is it coming from during a supposed budget crisis? And hhmmmm, where is it going??

Attention readers: unless you want to drink chemically-treated water from the Willamette instead of pure water from the source at Bull Run-- and pay 50% higher water rates for the privilege-- go to to find out what's really going on.
Oh lord. Look at that comment. That is EXACTLY the kind of thing Erik should go and learn more about. I look forward with glee to his vitriol laden invective (shut up, he writes real good some times).