Remember how Egypt's military shot at dozens of protesters yesterday, fallout from last week's coup against Islamist president Mohamed Morsi? Well now it's time to forget all that. The former judge serving as the country's interim president set out a six-month election plan to reform the country's young constitution (again), seat a new Parliament (again) and pick a new president (again).

Know who doesn't really care for this plan, though? The thousands of Egyptians loyal to Morsi and his political party, the long-repressed Muslim Brotherhood.

Wisconsin's strict new abortion law—it says providers must have hospital privileges—has been halted by a federal judge who demanded someone in the Republican Party justify why it's necessary.

Two Pennsylvania parents, emboldened by the Supreme Court decision on DOMA and Proposition 8 (and helped by the ACLU), have filed suit against a state law banning not only same-sex marriage but also the recognition of same-sex marriages recorded in other states.

Via YouTube, the three kidnapped women rescued from a Cleveland bus driver's creepy house reunited to give their thanks for the support and money they've received since their decade-long "ordeal," as they rightly put it, came to an end.

The Oregon Legislature went longer than expected this session, but saved some major things for the last day: money for a convention center hotel and sidewalks in East Portland.

California prison officials aren't sure how to handle an apparent hunger strike by 30,000 inmates spread across two-thirds of the state's 33 prisons (and four of its "out-of-state" lockups). The protest wants to lay to rest a policy of indefinite isolation for inmates suspected of having ties to prison gangs.

Despite a ban on selling computer goods to a select list of "autocratic" countries, American-made Web monitoring devices (who says we don't manufacture anymore?) have turned up in places like Iran, Sudan, and Syria. Syria, apparently, is filthy with them.

China has constructed—under the dingy skies of Chengdu, its landlocked, fourth-largest city—the WORLD'S LARGEST BUILDING. It's got an ersatz seaside resort, a faux Mediterranean village, an ice rink, hotels, offices, and a 14-screen IMAX cinema.

Whoopsie! A woman about to have her organs harvested, on the belief she was brain dead (and also dead-dead), opened her eyes just before the surgeons started slicing her open.

Rapper Lauryn Hill has begun her prison sentence. On grounds of tax evasion.

The terrified people on the Asiana flight that smacked the seawall at San Francisco Airport somehow found time to grab their suitcases before desperately flinging themselves from the flaming wreck of the plane.

Hey, "football" fans! Please enjoy this preview of today's Gold Cup match from Mercury Timbers correspondent, Brian Gjurgevich:

The Timbers Army will be visitors on their own turf tonight, as the United States men's national team hosts Belize in each team's opening game of the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup. The U.S. team's official supporters group—The American Outlaws—is taking over the North End for the 8 p.m. match, and in an open letter to the Timbers Army, local Outlaw Phil Mitchell is asking Portland fans to set aside their green for some red, white, and blue.